How do you design a belly band for sleeve packaging?

Designing a belly band for sleeve packaging is an easy process. It takes a few measurements and a little math, but it is not as intimidating as it appears!

The best way to ensure a belly band or paper sleeve will fit your product or packaging is to create a physical sample before creating a design file. If you are creating a simple belly band, you can cut out a long strip of paper that is 4 inches wide by however long you anticipate is needed to wrap around the product. If you do not have a long enough sheet of paper, you can tape together two 8.5 x 11 pieces of computer paper to achieve a suitable length.

Once you wrap the 4 inch wide band around the product, use a pencil to mark where the two ends meet. This will give you the necessary length of the band. We always recommend adding .25 inches to this length so that they is enough of an overlap to secure both ends of the band together.

Packaging Sleeve Design

Often times, sleeve packaging providers will not produce belly bands that are smaller than 4 inches wide due to the specific type of equipment required to fold and glue such a small piece of paper. Make sure your printer is capable of producing a specific width before you design the file. This could save you from redesigning the file right before printing. Belly bands or packaging sleeves are often printed and glued before shipped to the customer. Once glue, these paper products can fold flat, creating an efficient packing process and ultimately more effective shipping rates. When received, the packaging sleeves can be popped open and slid onto the container. If the dimensions are correct, the sleeve should fit tight enough to stay in place. 

Packaging sleeves can be printed on paper with a gloss or matte finish. Most often, a gloss finish is preferred because it performs better when being handled by consumers. However, it is important to work with your printer to determine the best paper finish for your brand and use-case scenario.

If you have any questions regarding packaging sleeve printing or design, reach out today!