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To Go Container Packaging Sleeves

To go containers have risen in popularity throughout the last few years, only to be accelerated even greater by the 2020 pandemic. To go and take out orders became a dominant form of the food experience during COVID19. To go orders in food containers proved to be a fast and efficient way to increase sales for restaurants when their business was restricted with social distancing and occupancy regulations. Restaurant brands turned to rely on food containers and product packaging to deliver a restaurant experience on-the-go as opposed to table side service. Additionally, several brands took this opportunity to market pre-packaged meals that are made fresh daily.

Food container packaging comes in several difference shapes and sizes, many of which can be customized to fit the custom food offerings. Whether the brand is serving to go orders or pre-packaged food items that are grab-and-go, the packaging sleeve is a key method for differentiating the brand in a crowded market. Custom printed packaging sleeves offer the ability to showcase quality food photography.

Food packaging increase brand awareness and enhances the guest experience. Packaging sleeves are an easy food packaging technique that utilizes minimal paper, but provides a marketing opportunity.


Packaging Sleeve Design


If you currently have a packaging sleeve, or belly band, design and would like to better understand pricing, please send us your dimensions and order quantities. Our printing experts can provide options for producing quality custom packaging.

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