Meal kits have become an increasingly popular method for consumers to purchase and prep for their weekly meals. Meal kits offer extreme flexibility and efficiency for those consumers always on-the-go. A vital part of a meal kit business is the branding and packaging, enabling the meal kit provider to stand out from all of the competition in this growing food sector. Food packaging has always been a popular way to differentiate brands and food offerings within the brand. However, with meal kits the packaging demands a little more than the usual food packaging. One thing to note is that the market where consumers interact with meal kits in less and less similar to the typical grocery store experience. Often times, meal kits are built to be more travel friendly as shipping is a common method of distribution for meal kit consumers. Therefore, if you are looking for custom printed meal kit packaging sleeves, you may want to consider a few options.

Packaging Sleeve Design

The design of your packaging sleeve with ultimately be driven by the size and shape of the box containing your food product. Sometimes the meal kit container is a standard box allowing for a standard packaging sleeve size, also known as a belly band, to be utilized. Other times custom boxes may utilized as a marketing tool for your business. Custom boxes may require a little more preparation and attention to consider when choosing the sleeve packaging design. Either way you can always work with a printing company to ensure the quality and fit of the printed packaging sleeve will suit your standard box or custom box size.

If you have a packaging sleeve design already created and tested on your box dimensions, you can send your print files directly to the manufacturer. The print provider will prep the files in prepress for the print process. This approach leads to faster a turnaround time, because there is no design or testing time required from the print provider.

If you do not have print ready files for your sleeve packaging, then you will work with the printer to design your sleeve dimensions based on your box size. When determining the correct size of the belly band or sleeve packaging, a printer will use paper stock to wrap around your custom or standard box. Where the two ends meet around the box, the printer will mark the location and measure the sleeve length of the paper required to fit snuggly around the box. Then the printer will allow enough overlap of the two sleeve ends so that they can be adhered together in the printing process.