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Frequently Asked Questions

Packaging sleeves, also known as belly band packaging or box sleeves, have become increasingly popular as a branding and packaging technique. Packaging sleeves are printed paper bands that wrap around a product, such as a box, piece of clothing or other item. These are often less expensive to print compared to custom printed boxes. The paper bands require less material because they do not fully cover the product, however they still provide a high quality and sturdy package for your product. Full color packaging sleeves are available in several sizes and paper stocks, ranging from gloss coating or matte coating in 80lb to 100lb paper stock or higher. The sleeve packaging can be designed to fit your box size. There are also several options for sealing the band around the box. The sleeve bands can be fitted around the box and fixed together by designing a paper notch on one side of the sleeve that connects to an opening on the other side of the sleeve. Alternatively, there are options for 'peal and seal' adhesives that firmly secure the packaging sleeve around your product.

Depending on the product characteristics and the branding, there are several types of paper you can use for the packaging sleeve. For example, organic products that are packaged individually with paper belly bands may be best paired for recycled, textured paper that is 18 points in thickness or greater. This provides a more natural feel to the packaging. Alternatively, if your packaging sleeves are intended for takeout food orders, you may want to choose a paper stock that displays brighter inks and has a coated finish. These are all decisions you can make when designing your custom packaging.

Packaging sleeves can be produced two ways before they are shipped. Sometimes, packaging sleeves are glued before they are sent to the customer. This means that the two ends of the sleeve are connected and sealed at the printer's shop. Depending on the customer needs, the sleeve will be printed but the sealing of the paper can be left incomplete before shipping. This means that when the customer receives their packaging sleeves, they can form the sleeve by connecting the two ends and sealing it themselves. This requires a "peel and seal" solution that allows glue to be placed on the sleeve, but covered so that it does not stick in the shipping process. Once the customer receives it, they can simply remove (peel) the protective layer and apply the glue to form the sleeve. All packaging sleeves can be folded flat before shipping. This allows the printing company to maximize the amount of space per box to ship your packaging sleeves. This industry standard saves you money on shipping costs and ensures the product arrives without impacting the quality of production.