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We specialize in custom printed packaging sleeves for everything ranging from a sock and soap belly bands to box sleeves for to-go containers. We can work with your existing packaging sleeve design or if you provide dimensions our design specialists can work with you to create a custom design. 

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Partnering with the right sleeve packaging printer for food containers will save you money, alleviate stress and allow for more flexibility with marketing new products. Custom packaging sleeves that can be easily customized and printed by a quality printer will drive better results for your business and allow you to focus on what matters – the food! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Packaging sleeves have become increasingly popular as a packaging technique that reduces waste and best showcases the product. Packaging sleeves can be customized to fit several products including the following:

      • Food Containers
      • To-Go Containers
      • Prepared Meal Kit Containers
      • Custom Boxes
      • Mailer Boxes
      • Soap Bars
      • Socks
      • Neck Ties
      • Belly Band wrap around
      • Peel and Seal
      • Box Sleeves

Depending on the product use and the exposure during the shipping or shelving process, we can tailor the thickness of the paper type or the coating to create a more durable packaging sleeve. For added protection, most prints include a matte coating or gloss coating on the printed side, no matter the paper type.

Typically, the further distance the product travels and the more people that physically interact with the product, the more durability is required to maintain a quality appearance.

Packaging sleeves are printed, folded and glued during the manufacturing process. Once they are glued, the packaging sleeves can be folded flat to reduce the amount of space required when shipping. Once packaging sleeves or belly bands are received, you can simply pop them open and slide them across your product or container. This is the most cost-effective and reliable way to deliver packaging sleeves.

The minimum order quantity for custom packaging sleeves is 150 per order. 

Meal kit packaging can be fully custom printed to fit custom size to-go containers. Additionally, you can customize the shape, color, and style of the printed packaging sleeve to create a unique packaging experience for your product, no matter the width and height.

Customized packaging sleeves are a great way to promote your brand and stand out in the marketplace!

Packaging sleeves, or paper packaging bands, are often printed on thicker paper stocks with a matte or gloss finish. This may include 80# paper thickness or greater to ensure that the packaging sleeves are durable and can protect the product they are marketing. 

Additionally, sleeve packaging can be produced with full-color CMYK printing to ensure quality graphics and logo display. To seal the packaging band ends together, adhesives are utilized such as glue or wide double-sided tape.


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Fully customized packaging sleeves offer a minimalistic packaging solution to promoting your product. Package sleeves come in a wide variety of designs and formats to cover your product. If you currently utilize a packaging sleeve for your product, send us your file and we can quote your order!

  • Wide variety of paper stock and finishing available
  • 150 minimum quantity orders available
  • Quick turnaround on digital proofs
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